Om Frida Lind

My name is Frida Lind and I am currently doing an internship at the Swedish Permanent Mission to the United Nations in New York. As a small side-project during this period, I will share interesting stories from young people, have interviews with persons who are engaged for a better world and show the interlinkages of the global level and the local level, with an emphasis on the importance of young people as actors. I will foremost concentrate on the roles youth and the "regular people" play for the implementation of the UN's 2030 Development Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals. I will connect experiences from one of the biggest international institutions in the world, the UN, with the experiences I got last year from my field-study in Tanzania (where I collected material for my thesis in International Relations).

In the fall-semester 2016 I will travel to schools and universities and discuss youth involvement for development. If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, and/or are interested in getting a lecture, you are most welcome to contact me on:

Unga saknar fortfarande röst i FN

Uppföljningen av de globala utvecklingsmålen. Undertecknandet av Parisavtalet. Sverige invalt i Säkerhetsrådet. Detta var några av höjdpunkterna från min händelserika praktik på Sveriges representation vid FN:s högkvarter i New York. En plats där världsledare, diplomater, eldsjälar och kändisar samlas för att tillsammans arbeta för fred och säkerhet, hållbar utveckling och mänskliga rättigheter. En karriärdröm som gick i uppfyllelse.


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Young people taking actions for improving the situation in refugee camp

13933505_10155062386000961_1721934823_nThe UNHCR has reported that 65.3 million people have been driven to flee their homes due to war and persecution, and this number does not seem to be decreasing. While the politicians are discussing how to solve the issues with the increasing number of forced migrants, young people are […]

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Röster från Tanzania

FUF och OmVärlden lanserar ”Röster från omvärlden” – ett samarbete för att ge världens unga en röst. Genom våra FUF-korrespondenter, som befinner sig på en mängd olika platser i världen, får unga ge sina perspektiv på globala utvecklingsfrågor.

roster-fran-omvarlden kopia
I de första filmerna som vi publicerar möter FUF-korrespondenten Frida Lind två unga kvinnor i Tanzania, Anna Poh och Somoe al-fam Muhammed, som båda resonerar om hur Tanzania kan bekämpa fattigdom och uppnå millenniemålen. Inom kort kommer vi publicera korta filmer från FUF-korrespondenter i bland annat Turkiet och Colombia.

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Tanzania – a last reflection

During three months, I did a field study in Tanzania about aid and women’s education. I investigated two projects that focus on young women’s education. One of the projects is the Mama-course program, which gives pregnant girls a second chance to education, and the other is the Help-to-help foundation, which offers scholarships and skill-training to ambitious students who wish to study at university but don’t have the economic means to […]

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A Second Chance to Education

Imagine that you are a teenager in Tanzania. You come from a village. Every day you go to school, and you love studying. You study hard because you know that your parents are poor and they struggle to afford paying your school fees. But you are planning to do well, and find a job. Your future seems bright.DSC02073Läs mer »

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