Implementation of legal gay marriage – The Civil Society’s victory?

Our field study here in Buenos Aires have now proceeded for a couple of weeks. Every time we have an interview with a Ngo (non-governmental organization) we try to seek for correlations. When the topic concerns the progress of the civil society in Argentina, the respondents usually emphasizes the increased influence during the financial crisis 2001 or the implementation of making gay marriage legal in relation to recent time.

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Potential threat to the civil society?

Four weeks has passed by and we have finally begun our field study. Last week we managed to establish six interviews and we have adequately more interviews coming up next week.
The field study we are doing here in Argentina is to investigate the civil society and the impact it has on the policy-makers. In order to measure this, we are establishing interviews with several Non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

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Argentina’s struggle for financial stability

Cristina Fernández de Kirchner or as media refer to her ’CFK’ is what one might call a charismatic president. She took office 2007 after her husband and former president Néstor Kirchner suffered from a heart attack. She was elected by a 45% support from the electorates. However that was about to change when the support declined rapidly in the beginning of her time in office due to several reasons. Argentina’s governance is based on a presidentially rule which means that CFK possesses most of the executive power and thus basically makes the final call.

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Argentina in need of changes?

After 10 days in Buenos Aires, I have managed to construct my own image of the Argentinian society. A society which is in need of transformation.

It is now approximately one year ago that the Argentinian people demonstrated against the current president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, demanding accountability from the present regime. Bad economic development combined with high corruption halts Argentina’s way back from its recession. The current government is being held responsible for its lack of commitment and additionally the bad reforms that are being implemented.

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Arriving to Buenos Aires

Nearly a week ago we arrived to Buenos Aires. After a smooth start with some theoretical work for our field study we went for a city sightseeing. The first stop was of course Congresso Nacional next to Plaza de Mayo which is an amazing building with a lot of great history. Then we walked towards the gigantic avenue: Avenida 9 de Julio where our first sight was a demonstration in relation to the ongoing trials in conviction of the former Junta of 1976-1983.





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