Arriving to Buenos Aires

Nearly a week ago we arrived to Buenos Aires. After a smooth start with some theoretical work for our field study we went for a city sightseeing. The first stop was of course Congresso Nacional next to Plaza de Mayo which is an amazing building with a lot of great history. Then we walked towards the gigantic avenue: Avenida 9 de Julio where our first sight was a demonstration in relation to the ongoing trials in conviction of the former Junta of 1976-1983.





Argentina has a rough history with both totalitarian and authoritarian rule as several other countries in the region experienced (e.g. Uruguay). The debate whether to annul the amnesties for the former officers of the junta has been an important question in the public debate. Some seems to argue that the ex-junta officers should be convicted and punished, whilst others just want to forget the bloody history of Argentina and just move on with their daily life. The ’megatrial’ has been proceeded for a couple of years now and its an important step towards ’liberation’ from the authoritarian rule. Approximately 30.000 people died or disappeared during the period of 1976-1983. For logic reasons the public debate covers these trials with great presence and commitment.

At the block next to Conresso Nacional we saw a large poster hanging over a building. The celebration of 30 years as a democracy, which the population seems to be very proud of and they should. Because democracy is not something to take for granted in Latin America. The city sightseeing then started to come to an end after paying a visit to Ministerio De Economia. However since they seemed to be occupied with the US Supreme Court decision to not review Argentinas appeal against a lower count ruling over outstanding debt payments, we then decided to throw in the towel for today.

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Om Daniel Rosell

Är 24 år och studerar statsvetenskap med inriktning på europastudier vid Linnéuniversitetet i Växjö. Jag har ett genuint intresse för utvecklingsrelaterade frågor såsom bistånd, som jag även skulle kunna tänka mig att jobba med i framtiden. I oktober åker jag och en studiekamrat till Buenos Aires för att undersöka det civila samhället, fältstudien skall fungera som den empiriska delen till vår kandidatuppsats. Min förhoppnings är att kunna publicera analytiska och intressanta rapporter om vistelsen i Latin Amerika.

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